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Auto Electricians Insurance

Auto Electricians Insurance Covers Any Motor Trade Which Involves Vehicle Electrical Repairs & Accessories Add-Ons

Auto Electricians Insurance UK Price Comparison
Auto Electricians Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Auto Electricians Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Auto electricians are in more demand than ever. Today, more vehicles have sophisticated systems that require a specialist to deal with them. As an auto electrician, you provide a professional service that sometimes involves expensive repairs and equipment. Auto electricians insurance can protect your business completely.

Each day, you must deal with diagnostics and repairs, or even the restoration of classic autos. Your profession is essential no matter the age of the vehicle! And for all the work you do, it’s essential to ensure you’re fully protected in case anything goes wrong.

Auto electricians insurance can protect you and your business in these instances:

  • Moving a customer’s vehicle when working on it
  • An accident involves a member of the public
  • Protect your valuable tools and equipment on-premises or in company vehicles
  • Offers cover for claims against you for alleged bad workmanship
  • And more

Some Of The Other Motor Trades Which Can Be Covered:

What is Auto Electricians Insurance?

Auto electricians insurance is a type of motor trade insurance customized to meet the needs of auto electricians. Some also call this type of insurance a mechanic insurance policy. No matter what you call it, auto electrician insurance protects you and your business from claims and more.

Auto electrician’s policies may also include:

  • Public liability
  • Employers’ liability
  • Business premises
  • Fire & theft
  • Tools & equipment
  • Loss of business income
  • And more

Road Risk Motor Trade insurance can cover:


Product Liability Insurance


Flexible Monthly Payments


24hr Claims Helpline


Motor Traders Policy For Over 25+


Accident Support / Replacement Vehicle


Material Damage Cover


Equipment & Premises


Combined or Road Risk Insurance


Comprehensive Cover

Auto Electricians Insurance UK Price Comparison

Auto Electricians Insurance FAQs

Who Needs Auto Electricians Insurance?

Auto electricians insurance is for all businesses that work with vehicle electrical systems. Companies of all sizes, from small operators to larger businesses, need complete protection against loss and damage that may result from their business activities.

It is sometimes less expensive to buy separate insurance policies for your business; however, buying these products as a package is usually cheaper. And it’s usually best to buy insurance that’s been customised to meet the unique requirements of your business.

What’s Included in Auto Electricians Insurance?

Each insurance provider offers a similar insurance policy; however, each policy usually has some differences from the others. So, it’s important to read through the policy to understand what’s covered or not, and more.

You may find these coverages also carried in an auto electricians insurance policy:

Road risks: this is coverage that allows you to drive your personal vehicles for business or customer vehicles only for motor trade purposes. There are three levels of coverage to choose from:

Third-party-only: covers injuries and damage to third parties and their property. This is the minimum level of cover you’re legally required to have in the UK. However, this coverage does not protect you or your vehicle. It doesn’t pay for your injuries or damage to your vehicle.

Third-party, fire & theft: This policy includes everything above. It also protects your vehicle(s) from theft or fire.

Comprehensive: this is the highest level of insurance you can have. A comprehensive policy covers all of the above and you and your vehicle. If you suffer injuries in an accident, even if you’re at fault, a comprehensive policy pays for your injuries. It also pays to repair your vehicle.

Different Types Auto Electricians Insurance Are

Are There Other Types of Coverage Included with an Auto Electricians Policy?

Yes! Depending on the insurer, you may find the following insurance can be added to your auto electricians insurance:

Road risk: this is a cover that allows you to use your personal vehicles for work. It also covers the use of customer vehicles only for motor trade purposes.

Combined motor traders insurance: this policy includes road risk cover and additional insurance that can be customized to your business, such as:

  • Employers’ liability
  • Public liability
  • Professional liability
  • Sales & service liability
  • Engineering inspection stock
  • Uninsured loss recovery
  • Defective workmanship
  • Variable levels of indemnity
  • Premises/plant/tools coverage (also includes cash, stock, office contents, machinery, tools, and buildings)
  • Business interruption
  • Goods in transit

These policies can be added on to create a customized auto electricians policy to protect you and your business more fully.

Why Do I Need Auto Electricians Insurance?

If you run a small mobile operator or larger business and have employees, you need to ensure your business is protected. This coverage has been designed to protect your business from loss and damage that may occur during the operation of your business and any claims made against the business. Otherwise, your business and livelihood could be put in danger without the right insurance coverage.

What is the Indemnity Under an Auto Electricians Public Liability Insurance Policy?

The indemnity limit is the maximum amount of money that the insurer agrees to pay out for each claim. The most common limits are £1M, £2M, and £5M. If you need higher indemnity levels, be sure to talk with your insurance provider. They may be able to offer higher levels.

When it comes to deciding the indemnity level, it all comes down to you. You must determine the right level for your business. It’s important to base this level on the type of business activities you do, the types of risks faced during business operation, and more. You must choose an amount that would cover the highest claim that could come against you and your business.

How Much is Auto Electricians Insurance?

The cost of auto electricians insurance premiums depends on the coverage you need, how many people you employ, and the level of indemnity you require. The premium may also be based on any past claims made against you.

Is Auto Electrician Public Liability Insurance on a Claims Made or Claims Occurring Basis?

That’s a great question! In most cases, auto electricians public liability policies are based on a claims occurring basis. This means the policy covers claims that may come up from incidents that occur while the policy is in force.

Will I Have a Policy Excess Under an Auto Electricians Insurance Policy?

There is no policy excess for claims arising from personal injury. However, claims based on third-party property damage are usually subject to an excess. The excess is usually £250, however, this will vary with each insurer at the time.

Is Auto Electricians Insurance Expensive?

The answer to this question is not simple to answer. That’s because each business has different insurance requirements and circumstances. The premium you pay is based on a set of factors that insurers review to determine the level of risk you present. The more risky an insurer decides your business is, the higher the premium you’ll need to pay.

However, there are some ways to save money on auto electricians insurance, including:

Choose employees carefully: this is a great way to cut the cost of your premium. It’s best to hire individuals who have plenty of experience, are over 25, and who don’t have any points on their license. These individuals are viewed as low-risk by insurers.

Comparison shop: another way to save on your auto electricians insurance premium is to comparison shop for an affordable premium. You can do this by obtaining quotes from different insurance providers and can be a great way to save money on your insurance premium.

Compare Auto Electrician Insurance Coverage

We make it easy to shop for auto electrician insurance right on our site! You can use our site to compare auto electricians insurance policies from a number of insurance providers. Our quotes come from highly esteemed auto electrician insurance brokers who help you find the right policy at an affordable price.

It’s easy to get quotes from our providers. All you do is fill out the simple form, hit “Enter,” and then wait a few minutes for our insurance brokers to send you their quotes. Our specialist partners are ready to answer your questions and create a policy that fits your circumstances.

So, start comparison shopping today!

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