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American Import Car Insurance Comparison


American Import Car Insurance UK Price Comparison
American Import Car Insurance UK Price Comparison

 American Import Car Insurance Quotes

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American Import Car Insurance UK Price Comparison

American Import Car Insurance

American cars are increasingly more popular in the UK, especially those that are hybrids and based on renewable energy. However, you’ll need to be aware of some differences in car coverage when you bring your US car to the UK.

Most Popular American Cars Imported to the UK
Do you know which American cars are most often imported to the UK? We did a little research and found these are the top American auto imports to the UK:

Ford: Mustang, Thunderbird – Dodge: Ram, Viper, Challenger – Cadillac: Escalade, Deville – Pontiac: Trans Am, Bonneville, Fire – Chevrolet: Corvette, Camaro

Other popular imports include American classic or modified cars, which can also be insured in the UK.

American Import Car Insurance UK Price Comparison

American Import Car Insurance FAQs

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Will You Need Special Insurance for an American Car?

In most cases, American imports can be insured for almost the same rates as a UK car. However, there are some variables you should keep in mind including:

  • You’ll need to be at least 25 years old to insure an imported American car. Expect to pay significantly more for an insurance coverage if you’re under 25.
  • Premiums may also be higher if your American car isn’t built to UK or EU specifications (like when it comes to engine performance and size).
  • Repairs tend to be more expensive for imported cars, including American autos. If something breaks, it may be necessary to send for the part if it’s not in stock. This makes costs higher for repairs, which also makes insurance premiums higher.
  • American cars are rare, especially the more expensive models, which makes them a target for vandals and thieves.

Due to these factors, and possibly some others, insurers tend to see your car as a higher risk, which makes insurance premiums higher.

Insurance for Classic & Modified Cars

What about an American classic or modified car? Can I buy insurance coverage for these, too? Yes, you can; however, if the modifications to your American car make it more powerful the premium may be higher—again, it’s seen as a higher risk. Insurance premiums will be higher as a result.

For American classic cars over age 25, the insurance coverage is usually a little bit cheaper. This is because classic cars aren’t driven as often, and owners tend to take very good car of them. These factors may help the insurance provider see the car as a lower insurance risk.

Tips to Keep Premiums Lower on a US Imported Car

While you’ll generally be facing higher premiums for your American imported car, there are somethings you can do to keep premiums from taking a big bite from your wallet:

1). Comparison shop online: use a reputable car insurance comparison site to find the right insurer. It’s easy and fast to get a quote directly from the site. To use, just input the required information into the form on the site, then hit “Enter.” In a few seconds, the site will return several quotes from insurance companies that offer this type of insurance. It’s fast, easy and secure to use one of these sites to find better premiums.

2). Park in a secure place: make sure your American import is parked securely. For instance, you may have better insurance premiums if the car is regularly parked in a secure garage overnight. The insurer may also offer lower cover rates if the car’s parked in a well-lit parking lot.

3). Add security features: ensure that your car has security features such as an immobiliser, car alarm or tracker installed. Security is a high priority, as American imports are often the target of thieves and vandals. Adding security features to your car makes it more difficult for anyone to steal it or even vandalize the car. Insurers will sometimes offer better auto insurance rates if the car has security enhancements installed. This will vary from provider to provider, so be sure to ask questions and see what security features may lower your car insurance rates.

4). Join an accredited car owners club: you may find better rates by joining an accredited American car owners club. The reason? Insurers see that owners in such a club generally take better care of their cars and drive responsibly.

5). Avoid modified cars: you’ll definitely face a higher insurance premium if you buy an American modified car, or have the car modified after you buy it. Check the auto insurance rates before buying the car to make sure you’ll be able to afford the premiums.

6). Pay higher excess: this can decrease your premium somewhat; however, be warned that the higher your excess, the more money you’ll have to pay when you make a claim. Your car insurance will pay up to a certain amount for repairs. Once that amounts reached, you’ll have to pay the rest out of pocket.

7). Be a careful, sensible driver: keep your driving record clean, which means no tickets for speeding and accidents, etc. This can go a long way to making your car insurance premium less on an American car.

Insuring an imported American car is possible, but you will generally face higher car insurance premiums. Follow our tips to help lower your premium and enjoy your new American car!

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