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Japanese Import Insurance Comparison


Japanese Import Insurance UK Price Comparison
Japanese Import Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Japanese Import Insurance UK Price Comparison

All About Japanese Import Insurance

Japanese imported cars are popular in the UK, even though it’s possible to buy Japanese Cars directly from dealers. These cars are easy to purchase in the UK due to laws in Japan that require vehicles to pass certain tests to remain street legal. Meeting these legal requirements gets more expensive over time, so instead of keeping their cars for years on end, Japanese car owners have found it more economical to a scrap their cars or choose to sell it overseas and buy new cars every few years.

Japanese Import Insurance UK Price Comparison

Japanese Import Insurance FAQs

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Why Japanese Imports are Popular in the UK

What makes Japanese imported Cars so popular in the UK? Let’s take a look:

  • Japanese Cars are seen as some of the best in the world, as the cars are designed with comfort, style and performance in mind.
  • Car prices are generally lower than buying direct from the dealer, making them a great value when it comes to reliability and performance.
  • Japanese owners tend to take better care of their vehicles, so cars in are in better shape when they hit the UK market.
  • The cars have lower mileage and are in great condition, making them perfect for buyers to buy a used vehicle.

A Japanese imported car, at the right price, can be a great buy for a UK owner.  In addition, unlike cars imported from other parts of the world, Japanese cars are right hand drive, just like cars made in the UK and need no modifications.

Some of the most popular Japanese imports include:

  • Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru & Isuzu.

Japanese Import Car Insurance

It can be a challenge to find insurance coverage for your Japanese import. While you can get car insurance from a standard insurance company, general auto insurance providers are not usually well acquainted with imports bought by UK citizens. In addition, insurers may find it more difficult to determine the type and level(s) risk posed by Japanese imports.

Hence, premiums from general auto insurance carriers are typically higher, making it more difficult to find coverage you can afford. You may also face insurance plans that may not offer the level of coverage needed to protect your valuable investment.

Other factors that cause issues for general car insurance providers:

  • Higher repair bills due to specialist parts and labor.
  • They are a high target for thieves and vandals.

What About Japanese Modified Imported Cars?

When it comes to modified Japanese imported cars, you’ll face similar issues with general car insurance providers. Premiums tend to run higher for cars that have been modified, because mods may make the vehicle’s performance specs differ from those required by law in the UK. 

Another issue–if the car has a more unique look after modification, this also causes premiums to go up. Distinctive mods that makes the car look unique can cause it to become a huge target for thieves and vandals.

The Best Option for Imported Car Insurance

Insuring your Japanese vehicle can be a challenge, so it’s best to look for auto insurance providers who specialize in providing cover for Japanese cars imported to the UK. You’ll find a wider range of coverage at prices you can afford, and insurance policies that offer better protection of your valuable Japanese car.

Tips to Find Lower Premiums for Your Imported Car

It may seem overwhelming or even next to impossible to find the best insurer for your car and the lowest premiums—but don’t give up! Here are some tips you can use to find the best coverage and insurance premiums for your Japanese import:

1). Comparison shop: use any number of sites that help you to comparison shop for the right insurer, the right coverage and the best premium. These sites will help you zero in on insurance companies that specialize in the type of insurance you need at rates you can afford. Using a comparison site is fast, secure and easy—within minutes you’ll have a list of insurers who specialize in the type of insurance coverage you need.

2). Join an car club: by joining an car club, you can take a look at which Japanese car clubs are available in the UK, you could save as much as 15% on your car insurance cover, dependant on car club offers.

3). Park your car securely: make sure your car is parked in a garage, or at least in a well-lit parking lot when not in use.

4). Security: if your car has security measure installed, your premium may be lower. Security measures such as a tracker, an alarm and/or an immobiliser can help to reduce your car insurance rates.

5). Practice safe driving: avoid speeding tickets and drive in a safe, non-aggressive manner. In addition, you can take specialized courses, such as the IAM or RoSPA to reduce the possibility of accidents, which may both lowering your driving risk and car insurance premiums.

6). Modifications: before modifying your Japanese imported car, make sure to research how those modifications will be viewed by insurance carriers. Mods can either increase or reduce your premium, but you’ll need to talk with an insurance agent to see how specific mods may affect your rates.

7). Lower the excess: do your research to find out how lowering the excess will affect any claims you may make. A lower excess may lower your insurance premium; however, if you make a claim, the insurance company will cover the repairs up to a certain amount. Then you’ll have to pay the excess out of pocket. Make sure you can afford to pay this amount. If not, it’s better to take the higher insurance premium so you’re covered and don’t have to worry in case of a claim.

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