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Coach & Bus Fleet Insurance

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Coach & Bus Fleet Insurance UK Price Comparison
Coach & Bus Fleet Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Coach & Bus Fleet Insurance UK Price Comparison

What is Coach & Bus Fleet Insurance?

Coach & Bus Fleet Insurance is used by professionals who require the use of more than one vehicle for deliveries or service or to convey staff and materials. Whatever the case may be, it is economically beneficial to ensure all the vehicles under a single policy and this sort of policy is known as a motor fleet insurance policy. By utilising Coach & Bus Fleet Insurance, you not only save money, but you also reduce the time spent.

Coach & Bus Fleet Insurance provides you with the option to purchase insurance cover for all your vehicles from one broker. This is normally rewarded with a very attractive discount on your annual premium. This type of cover is very flexible and you can utilise it to insure 2 or more vehicles. Another advantage of this insurance is that you can cover different vehicle types with the same insurance. For example, a Coach & Bus Fleet Insurance gives you the same cover for a minibus, a lorry, and an SUV.

Coach & Bus Fleet Insurance UK Price Comparison

Coach & Bus Fleet Insurance FAQs

Bus & Coach Fleet Insurance

Do you have a bus & coach flee? If so, then you’ll need to invest in bus & coach fleet insurance. This is coverage for businesses that have more than one vehicle. With this type of coverage, you’ll meet the legal requirement of keeping them all insured. A bus & fleet policy is also helpful for businesses that have more than one driver. In fact, these policies can cover both your fleet and drivers.

You may find it cheaper to use a bus & fleet insurance policy rather than using policies for each individual vehicle and driver. There are also some bus & fleet policies that cover “any driver” and “any vehicle.” But keep in mind these tend to be more expensive, as well as more convenient. You pay a little extra for the convenience.

Each business is unique; some may find it’s better to pay for the additional flexibility of any driver and any vehicle policies. The reason is these policies save on admin fees.

Keep in mind that this type of insurance is legally required in order to operate buses & coaches road legal. The coverage will also protect your business from risks, including liability claims. Plus, all of your vehicles can be insured under one policy.

How Many Vehicles Count as a Fleet?

Here, you’ll find the definition of a fleet varies from insurance provider to insurance provider. In addition, many providers also set a minimum and maximum fleet size.

For some policies, the minimum number of vehicles maybe two, while the maximum can run into hundreds or thousands of vehicles.

What Types of Vehicles are Covered?

When it comes to bus and coach fleet insurance, these policies buses and coaches, however, it’s also possible to cover only buses or coaches, depending on the vehicles in your fleet.

Who Needs Bus & Coach Insurance?

Any company that has a fleet of coaches and buses (or one or the other) will benefit from a fleet insurance policy. Here’s are some examples of businesses that need bus & coach insurance:

  • Bus operators
  • Coach hire companies
  • Minibuses for schools
  • Travel providers
  • Tour operators
What are the Benefits of Coach and Bus Insurance?

There are several benefits that come with coach and bus insurance, including:

  • Full protection (can also include passenger and luggage effects cover as standard)
  • Annual retrospective claims bonus for good claims experience
  • Limited excluded areas
  • Saves money (insuring all vehicles under one policy saves money over individual policies, which are more expensive)
  • Deal with only one renewal date
  • Favourable driver warrants
  • Can also include options for “any vehicle” and “any driver” (this option cuts down on admin fees, which can be quite expensive if you have a high driver turnover rate)
What Types of Bus & Coach Insurance Policies are There?

There are three basic types of bus & coach insurance policies to choose from.

Third-Party Only Fleet Insurance: this is the minimum amount of insurance you’re legally required to have in the UK. It covers liability for injury to others (including passengers) and damage to third-party property.

Third-Party, Fire, & Theft Fleet Insurance: this type of coverage includes everything in the third party only policy but also covers fire damage, theft, and damage to any vehicles caused during a theft.

Comprehensive: this is the highest amount of insurance you can have, which also makes it one of the most expensive. However, it covers everything that the above policies include and more. A comprehensive policy also includes loss or damage to your vehicles, windscreen cover, personal effects, accidental damage, and medical expenses.

Road risks: this is the minimum type of coverage offered under a fleet policy. It ensures the buses/coaches can be legally driven. It also provides protection for other road users (third parties).

Legal expenses: these may arise from a liability claim.

Breakdowns: if one of your vehicles breaks down, this policy will help you get it back on the road again as quickly as possible.

Insurance for driving in Europe

Drivers Under the age of 25

Any Driver/any vehicle

Telematics Fleet Insurance

There’s also another type of fleet insurance called telematics fleet insurance. This is a newer type of insurance, which is fast becoming more popular. This type of insurance is used to monitor each driver’s performance and to make business more efficient.

Telematics insurance means each vehicle must be fitted out with a black box or a mobile phone app. The device/app is used to calculate premiums based on the standard and nature of the driver. The data is analyzed by the company and the insurance company.


What Factors Affect the Cost of Bus and Coach Insurance?

There are a number of factors that can affect the price of bus and coach insurance, including:

  • The number of vehicles (the more vehicles in the fleet, the higher the premium)
  • The age of the vehicles (the older the vehicles, the cheaper the premium)
  • Type of vehicles (for vehicles that are more expensive, the premium will be higher)
  • The vehicles’ condition (those not in good repair could be more expensive to insure)
  • Where the vehicles are driven (if vehicles are used in areas with higher crime rates and accidents, the premium will be higher)
  • How often the vehicles are used (the more the vehicles are driven, the premium is higher)
  • Where the vehicles are stored at night (if stored safely, the premium will be lower)
How to Cut the Cost of Bus & Coach Fleet Insurance

There are some things you can do to keep the cost of a bus and coach fleet policy down, including:

  • Employ only experienced drivers who have clean records.
  • Make drivers responsible for paying their own excesses.
  • Pay attention to vehicle security, including safe overnight parking.
  • Have policies in place for the risk assessment & risk management of drivers.
  • Consider installation of dashboard cameras (some insurers offer discounts for this)

You can also help lower your fleet insurance policy by:

  • Paying annually (paying monthly is always more expensive)
  • Avoiding modifications to your fleet vehicles
  • Only pay for the coverage you need (avoid unnecessary add-ons)
  • Increase your voluntary excess
  • Try to build up a no-claims bonus
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