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Abbey Caravan Insurance

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Abbey Caravan Insurance UK Price Comparison
Abbey Caravan Insurance UK Price Comparison

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Abbey Caravan Insurance UK Price Comparison

Compare Abbey Caravan Insurance Quotes

Owners of static or touring caravans, motorhomes or folding campers should make arranging caravan insurance one of their top priorities. mymoneycomparison has teamed up with the seopa to offer caravan insurance comparison from a number of insurance brands to help to save time and money.

Caravan insurance policies can vary depending on the type of caravan owned, what is kept in it and how it is used. Seopa works with a panel of insurers that provide insurance for touring caravans, static caravans, folding campers and trailer tents. By working with Seopa we aim to provide a range of products to suit most individual insurance needs. Together we can help caravan owners to find the right caravan insurance policy at the right price so they can enjoy caravanning knowing that the right level of insurance cover is in place.

Abbey Caravan Insurance UK Price Comparison

Abbey Caravan Insurance FAQs

Who are Abbey caravan manufacturers?

Abbey Caravan Manufacturers was a well-respected British company known for producing quality touring caravans. The company was in operation from the early 1970s until the late 2000s. Abbey caravans were recognised for their craftsmanship, innovative design, and comfort, with models ranging from small, lightweight two-berth caravans to large, luxurious six-berth models.

abbey caravan InsuranceThroughout their history, Abbey continuously improved and refined their caravans to meet caravanning enthusiasts’ evolving needs and preferences. They introduced features for better comfort, space optimisation, and enhanced functionality, earning a strong reputation in the industry.

Despite the company’s success, it faced challenges in the late 2000s due to a difficult economic climate, leading to the discontinuation of the Abbey brand. However, the legacy of Abbey caravans continues to live on in the hearts of many caravan enthusiasts. Many of their caravans are still in use today, admired for their durability and timeless design.

While the Abbey brand may no longer be active, their caravans remain an important part of the history of British caravanning, representing a benchmark for quality and innovation. Whether used for family holidays or adventurous travels, Abbey caravans are remembered fondly for the freedom and enjoyable experiences they offer. Their influence continues to be felt in the design and manufacture of modern caravans.

List of Abbey caravan models

Some of the popular models that the company manufactured over the years:

  1. Abbey GTS Vogue
  2. Abbey Spectrum
  3. Abbey Freestyle
  4. Abbey Expression
  5. Abbey Aventura
  6. Abbey Iona
  7. Abbey Cardinal
  8. Abbey Vogue
  9. Abbey Safari
  10. Abbey Piper
  11. Abbey County
  12. Abbey Adventura
  13. Abbey Somerset
  14. Abbey Oxford
  15. Abbey Solitaire
  16. Abbey Stafford

These models varied in size, interior layout, and specific features. They ranged from smaller, two-berth caravans suitable for couples or solo travellers to larger, six-berth models designed for families.

The specifics of each model could also change from year to year as the company updated designs and added features. Therefore, verifying the details of any specific model or year is important if you consider purchasing a used Abbey caravan.


Compare Abbey caravan insurance

Some general tips on how to compare caravan insurance, whether it’s for an Abbey caravan or another brand:

  1. Level of Coverage: Some insurance policies offer new-for-old coverage, meaning they will replace your caravan with a brand-new model if it’s written off. Others offer market value coverage, where they’ll pay out what your caravan is worth during the incident. The latter is usually cheaper but could leave you out of pocket if your caravan is older.
  2. Included Extras: Check what is included in the policy. Some policies might include cover for contents, awnings, or gas explosions, while others may charge extra.
  3. Excess: This is the amount you agree to pay towards a claim. Policies with a higher excess are often cheaper, but you’ll need to pay more if you ever need to claim.
  4. Discounts: Some insurance companies offer discounts for things like installing a tracking device, being a caravan club member, or storing your caravan in a secure location.
  5. Claims Handling: Look at insurance company reviews to see how they handle claims. A cheap policy isn’t a good deal if the company is known for denying claims or being difficult to deal with.

You can use a comparison website or contact insurance providers directly to compare Abbey caravan insurance. Just make sure to compare like-for-like coverage to get a fair comparison. Always review the terms and conditions carefully to understand what is and isn’t covered

Understanding Abbey caravan insurance

Although caravan insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, it can be a safe passage for your next tour. Most of the people think that their car insurance can also cover for any damages by or to their car trailers but that’s not the case every time. Many car insurance companies provide some third-party liability covers yet that’s not proper caravan insurance. Therefore, if you are a beginner to caravanning or a seasoned pro, camper insurance is a must-have for a hassle-free travel experience.

What Caravan Insurance Covers?

  1. New for Old Policy:

New for old insurance cover for your caravan is very common. Depending on the market value, condition, year of manufacture, wear and tear, an insurance company can provide sufficient replacement. For example, if your camper is 5-15 years old, in case of an accident economic repair is not possible or it gets stolen, the insurance company will provide you with a brand-new camper of the same specifications and market value.

  1. Third-Party Liability Insurance:

Third-party liability cover, better known as public liability, is very essential for a safe on-road experience. If your car and camper it tows stay on the road, the risk of getting in an accident is always high. If by any means, the accident does damage to the public individuals or to their property, lawsuits begin. In such a scenario, in addition to covering your personal loss, you would pay for the health expenses and material costs of the third party. Heavy fines and legal fee are also your responsibility. On the other hand, if you have quality insurance for your trailer, then it would cover all such expenses. So, public liability cover is very significant when it comes to caravan insurance.

  1. Repairing:

A caravan insurance policy requires you to keep your camper in good condition. It includes the annual/monthly maintenance, repairs and things like that. The insurance company will only cover the repair expenses if your car gets in an accident and comes under the terms of insured repairs. Other than that, you yourself must take good care of your caravan in order to even get a quality insurance policy.

  1. Cover against theft:

When you are on a road trip or camping by the different natural sites in your caravan, the chances of things getting stolen are quite high. It can happen during your peaceful sleep or even in broad daylight. So, if that’s the case, the insurance will cover you appropriately.

Usually, the insurance companies will provide financial assistance to replace the camper, but the belongings or caravan equipment, kitchenware, cooking range, beds, electronics, and other gadgets do not come under the policy. Hence, if you want to complete insurance of your camper and the things contained in it, you should go for a customized insurance policy.

  1. Emergency accommodations and European trips cover:

In case of emergency, quality camper insurance will not only provide you with appropriate accommodations but also cover the damage expenses and provide on-site help. In addition to that, if you want to take your caravan abroad, you can have a fully insured road trip experiences across Europe for as long as 240 days!

Finding the right Caravan insurance:

Caravan insurance requires regular updating. The standard covers can provide you with the insurance of your camper and few things inside it, but not for all the equipment inside. So, when going for camper insurance it’s better to understand your needs.

How often do you travel?

What’s the condition and reliability of your caravan?

Do you take valuable items like mobile phones, laptops, and jewellery with you?

Whether you keep the camper on-site, tow it all over the country, or go to other European countries as well?

There are some of the basic questions that will help you find the best insurance according to your needs. Also, if you are going to take something extra on your next trip it’s better to let the insurance company know and update the policy beforehand.

Types of Caravan Insurance

Caravan insurance is split into three categories – touring caravan insurance, static caravan insurance and trailer tent/folding camper insurance. An explanation can be found below:


Touring caravan cover is designed for caravans that are being towed behind a vehicle. The cover available can vary between insurers but could include new for old replacement, third party cover, public liability cover and contents cover. European cover is also usually available but owners should make sure they confirm this if planning a trip to the continent.


Static caravan insurance is tailored insurance for caravans that are fixed in one location such as caravan sites or holiday parks. Cover tends to be similar to that offered for touring caravans but exceptions may occur for contents cover, particularly if the static caravan is being used as a permanent residence.


This provides insurance protection for a trailer tent or folding camper that is being towed behind a vehicle. Cover offered is similar to touring caravan cover. Typical exclusions are vermin or mildew damage and protection for personal possessions.

How much does caravan insurance cost?

Caravan insurance depends on a lot of factors. Usage, physical conditions, road time, and size. Therefore, its insurance also varies. However, to sum up, the average caravan insurance for a standard caravans is on average £326 with the sum insured, the highest premium £43,800 and lowest £3,800.

Does car insurance cover tow caravan?

Most of the car insurance policies cover the third-party liabilities for your caravan. That means if it gets in an accident, the company will pay the public liability. However, it would not cover your health and damage expenses if the accident was your fault.

Do I need to insure my Abbey caravan in the UK?

Caravan insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK at all. However, it is better to have a safe backup available in case of theft, damage to your caravan and public liabilities. So that you can enjoy a joyful and stress-free road trip with your friends or family.

Do you need MOT for my Abbey caravan?

If driving a car with a caravan attached to it, the driver must possess a full driving license and not the provincial one. In addition to that, unlike cars, caravans don’t have to go through MOT tests, but safety standards of tires apply to caravans just like that of cars.

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