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 A-Class Motorhome Insurance


What is a Motorhome Insurance Policy?

A  motorhome differs from a private car in various ways. Even though a standard private car premium policy will legally give you a cover, there would be gaping holes when it comes to functionality. For example, any personal belongings under the car insurance policy are limited to £100. However, a motorhome policy will give you a minimum of £3,000 and this can be increased to £5,000 upon request.

Also, unlike the motorhome policy, there is no gas & explosion cover for a standard car policy it gets worse, there is neither cover for awnings nor generators under a standard car policy, however, for a cheap motorhome insurance policy, you can get this. Another reason to ditch standard car policies and get cheap motorhome insurance comparison is that there is a trip limit to foreign use cover under a standard car policy.

Compare Motorhome Insurance

When you are on the lookout for cheap motorhome insurance quotes, it is important to look at the type of cover offered. Experience has shown that the ‘small print’ can often be a real catch. We are here to help you compare cheap motorhome insurance so you can get value for your money.

Reading Through Motorhome Insurance Policies

Raise your hand if you usually read Terms and Conditions. Well, thank you for your honesty. Whenever we help compare motorhome insurance quotes, we advise you to read through the content of your motorhome insurance policy. You should be fully aware of the content of your motorhome insurance policy so that you don’t get duped or misinformed.

Getting Cheaper Motorhome Insurance

We know that many people only get motorhome insurance because it is a legal requirement. That is why we endeavour to help you compare cheap motorhome insurance quotes. However, there are ways to reduce the amount you spend on your insurance.

  1. To get cheap motorhome insurance, install a tracking device endeavor to confirm that the model you choose is endorsed by your motorhome insurance company. You should also make tie out to inform your insurance provider of the installation. If you do this, you are likely to get a discount from your motorhome insurance company. It should be noted that a tracking device won’t stop your motorhome from being stolen, however, the chances of recovering it is higher with this strategy in place.
  1. It is also wise to fit an alarm system. Many recent motorhome models have an alarm installed as standard, however, if your motorhome is an older version without an alarm system fitted, then you may need to install an alarm system. This is a way to get cheap motorhome insurance. It is also important that you include the alarm certificate of your second hand motorhome amongst the documents submitted. Many motorhome insurance firms will refuse to offer any motorhome insurance discount if there is no proof that your alarm exists.
  1. Declare accurate annual mileage. When you have a lower mileage, you get a cheaper motorhome insurance quote. For this reason, you should be as accurate as you can. It is needless to say that you should be open and honest about this as it might have unfriendly repercussions.

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