Compare Motor Fleet Insurance Quotes

What is Motor Fleet Insurance?

Many professions require the use of more than one vehicle for deliveries, or to convey staffs and materials. Whatever the case may be, it is economically beneficial to insure all the vehicles under a single policy and this sort of policy is known as motor fleet insurance policy. By utilising motor fleet insurance, you not only save money, but you also reduce the time spent.

Vehicle Fleet insurance provides you with the option to purchase insurance coverage for all your vehicles from one broker. This is normally rewarded with a very attractive discount on your annual premium. This type of cover is very flexible and you can utilise it to insure 3 or more vehicles. Another advantage of this insurance is that you can cover different vehicle types with the same insurance. For example, a motor fleet insurance gives you the same cover for a minibus, a lorry, and an SUV.

We understand that you want the best for your business. Our goal is to help you optimise savings also, and that is what our vehicle fleet insurance offers; we help you compare quotes of vehicle fleet insurance. No matter the number of vehicles in your possession, we are able to cater for your comparison.

Many business owners often have a hard time when they want to get insurance quotes for their fleet of vehicles. On several occasions, they often overpay and rarely get an accurate comparison. Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking for motor fleet insurance quotes? Then we are the perfect solution you need. We provide you with an unbiased comparison of cheap vehicle fleet insurance.

How To Know the Best Motor Fleet Insurance Policy for You

For you to adequately compare different policies, you should account for;

  • The size of the fleet.
  • The purpose of the vehicles in the fleet.
  • How often the vehicles are used.

You need to properly address these questions as they will be core factors that will determine the cost of your motor fleet insurance. On a wider scale, you should also consider these points in order to have a very competitive quote comparison.

  • Driver’s age requirement.
  • Additional cover to be purchased.
  • Flexibility of policy.

Tips on Minimising Motor Fleet Insurance Premium Cost

Quotesearcher know that businesses with a large fleet of vehicles might find it burdensome to offset the cost of insurance, hence, our goal is to help you compare quotes and get the best fleet insurance for your vehicles.

  • You could insurance your fleet for over 25’s only.
  • Keep claims low as this would drastically reduce your vehicle insurance premium cost.
  • Employ risk assessment and risk management practices.
  • Be selective with the employees in your business. Ensure you work with people who are well experienced and will help you save money in the long run.

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