You must know when to switch your broadband plan to get best value of your money

In case your broadband is not fast enough, if the service is unreliable or you may simply think it is costing you a lot, then you must know how to make the switch to a better broadband deal. This also help you save money on you broadband usage. Before making the switch, you must have a look on what else in available.

You can use your postcode to check which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are offering service in your area and you can also check the reviews about their speeds you may get, the information about usage limits and how much you will be required to pay every month.

While you are doing the maths, you should remember to consider the amount it will cost you over the entire term of the contract, if there are any set up charges and the subsequent cost after the end of the contract period, in most cases the monthly prices increases.

How to choose the best deal

The price is not the only thing you may consider when switching your broadband package. You may also need to consider the speed of the broadband service and the cap on downloads. The both factors are dependent on your usage. If you are a light internet user, then speeds and download limits will be of less important to you. However, if you are always online and your usage include streaming music and videos or even online gaming, than you will require the best available speeds and higher download limits, if not unlimited.

Always remember that to watch videos online at normal quality, you will require approximately 3 Mbps and for high definition video streaming, an average speed of 5 Mbps or more will be the best.

In case you use the web only for checking email, using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it means you will not be downloading heavy volumes of data, therefore, download limit will be of less importance.

However, if you use internet to watch videos on YouTube, stream music on Spotify and similar kind of platforms, then you need to consider broadband plan with higher download limit.

Most broadband service provider ask you to move you to a plan with higher download limit in case you exhaust the download limit on your existing plan, however, it will cost you more every month.

Therefore, in case you have found a plan that you think offers the suitable speed and download limits at the most reasonable price, you are almost ready to make the move to a better broadband plan.

Switching your broadband service provider

The next thing is to check with your current broadband service provider to see what it takes to leave the current plan. The terms of the contract that you have signed with your service provider may vary for each broadband company. In most cases you will be required to give a 30 days’ notice and you can opt out of the contract conveniently.