You May Have Never Heard Of the Croatian Islands Which Are Worth Visiting

As the Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is released, many eyes have been turned on one of the major locations of the movie, the little island of Vis. Vis was not specifically popular before, however, it is obviously going to plummet its fame as everyone has got a close look at its fanciful beaches, particularly the breathtaking Stiniva Bay. In case you are also planning to witness this hidden beauty of Croatia, you can compare some best holiday deals here and in the meantime, check out some of the other Croatian Islands that you may have never heard of before.


Welcoming tourists since the mid of 19th century, Krk is located in the Kvarner Gulf. It is surprising that until now it has not been famous among the British. While it is hard to speculate why considering it has its very own Rijeka airport and is also connected to the central through a bridge.

If you will visit Krk, you will be able to witness the primitive structural design of Krk Town as you will head south towards Baska. Baska is the point where the most divine beaches of the island meet the coast. If you are a wine lover, then you must consider visiting the beautiful village on the hilltop of Vrbink, which is the home to some premium white wines.


Cres is much remoter and quieter as compared to Krk. It can be a dream destination for hikers who wish to explore a few hundred kilometres of trials across the woods and scrubby mountains. If you are a nature lover you are going to keep your eyes peeled for the griffon vultures, a resident of Cres, flying around the cliffs close to the village of Beli.

You can enjoy the scrumptious seafood at the beachside restaurants in Cres Town, and then you can relax on the beaches at Lubenice and Valun situated towards the south of Cres.


For those who are visiting Cres, must drive to the southernmost tip of Cres, where you will find the bridge that will take you to Losinj. This extraordinarily sweet-smelling island is full of lush green plants, whose fragrances will accompany you as you walk across the forest trails.

You can experience the buoyant scene around the wharf in the main village, Mali Losinj. It has the vibrant structural designed that displays its Venetian history. You must take a boat trip to witness one of the marvels of Losinj, a colony of approximately 150 bottlenose dolphins.


The small island of Rab is just located at the east of Cres. Despite its tiny size, it has around 30 sandy beaches, and the Rajska, meaning Paradise is one of the most popular beaches.

The Rab town is among one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia, with the dazzling primitive core, twisted marble alleys and a unique vista of graceful bell towers.

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