These Are the World’s Top Hotels That Are Owned by Celebrities

Hotels are becoming one of the essential accessories to own by an A-list Individual. Recently, Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA inaugurated his second hotel, which is a boutique property in Västervik, Sweden. Also, Lionel Messi lately revealed his newly owned hotel in Ibzia and as we all know about Leonardo diCaprio’s efforts about saving the environment, his lavish Belizean eco-resort will open next year. Being an A-list individual does not necessarily means that you can also become a fanciful hotelier, however, here are a few of the hotels which are owned by celebrities and have made it to the list of the top hotel around the world. You can find here some exclusive deals on hotel prices.

Palazzo Margherita, Bernalda, Italy

The producer of the famous movie Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola is an A-list individual who owns Palazzo Margherita, an Italian hotel in Bernalda. Palazzo Margherita has nine suites and is still known as the family home of the Coppola family.

Starting this summer, the guests of Palazzo Margherita are being offered to rent the private yacht owned by the Coppola family.

Cromlix, Perthshire, Scotland

While Andy Murray may not have been able to make it to Wimbledon this year but he can find relief in the fact that he turned out to be a successful hotelier considering the stunning property of Cromlix in Perthshire, Scotland. Cromlix is a Scottish Downtown Abbey, which has 15 lavish suites and a large-sized Gate Lodge for the ones who wish for additional privacy. You will see a lot of plaids, cracking log fires and hotel rooms named after Murray’s heroes, apparently including Annie Lennox and Sean Connery.

Sports lovers are going to adore the tennis court in the bright purple shade, a gesture to Wimbledon. Cromlix also has an impressive croquet lawn and guests can also enjoy fishing in the lake of the hotel.

Blackadore Caye, Belize

Overwhelmed by his passion for the environment, Leonardo DiCaprio bought an eco-resort on his visit to Belize on a diving trip. Blackadore Caye is scheduled to open for public towards the end of 2018. This eco-resort will offer a few villas built on the water, just like in the Maldives and a stretch of private coastline which is one mile long. Guests at this eco-resort will be able to witness its manatee conservation project.

Pestana CR7 Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

The celebrity behind one of the top hotels in Lisbon is Cristiano Ronaldo. Pestana CR7 Lisboa has a resident DJ and 82 stunning rooms, along with football shirt framed on the walls and a large number of mirrors which is not surprising considering Ronaldo’s weakness to admire his own reflection.  The main sights of Lisbon including São Jorge Castle are at a walking distance from Pestana CR7 Lisboa. The interior of the entire hotel is inspired by the design of a football field and you will be accompanied by a signature scent which has notes of freshly trimmed grass.

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