In recent times, solar panels and wind turbines have become an increasingly popular sight. You ask why? Because of the numerous benefits renewable energy can offer to improve our environment, health, and economy.

If you have made the decision to switch to green energy and you want to make sure that the energy supplier you have hired is giving you low rates, you should compare the rates of different providers. You never know if you find a supplier who is charging less rates than your current energy provider.

Why Should You Switch To Green Energy

1.   Lesser Effects Of Global Warming

The rustling and bustling of our everyday activities are overloading the atmosphere with various harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and various other global warming radiations. These gases act as a blanket and trap the heat, resulting in a web of major and harmful impacts such as more frequent and stronger storms, droughts, dangerous rise in sea level, and extinction.

2.   Improvement In Public Health

The water and air pollution emitted by natural gas and coal plants have a strong link with major health issues such as neurological damage, breathing problems, cancer, premature death, heart attacks, and many other serious problems.

Pollution affects each and every person living in this highly intoxicated, full of fumes environment. The reason why we are falling ill every other day, having a sore throat, using an inhaler on a constant basis is due to water and air pollution that green energy technologies do not produce. Hydroelectric, wind and solar systems produce electricity with no emissions of harmful air pollution.

3.   Unlimited Energy

Abundant plant matter, sunny skies, fast-moving water, and strong winds can provide a massive and continuously replenished source of energy. Not just the fact that you can make use of these resources abundantly, you won’t also have to worry about the huge electricity bill to be paid at the end of the month.

4.   Give Rise To Jobs And Offer Other Economic Benefits

The fossil fuel technological industry is capital intensive and typically mechanised. When you look at the industry of renewable energy, it is relatively more labour intensive. Solar panels entail labour to set them up; wind farms demand technicians for maintenance. Therefore, more employment opportunities are created for every unit of electricity produced from green energy sources than from fossil fuels.

5.   Energy Prices Remain Stable

Green energy provides affordable electricity all over the world right now. Furthermore, they help stabilize the prices of energy in the future. Even though renewable facilities entail upfront investments to set up, they function at a very small cost. As a result, the prices of renewable energy stay stable over a long period of time.

In addition, the costs of green energy technologies have steadily declined. In fact, they are projected to drop down even further. For instance, the average price of installing solar panels has dropped down significantly in the last few years so the public is encouraged to make the switch to green energy.