These Are the Hotel around the World Which Are Admired By the Celebrities

Among the many perks of being an A-list individual, one is to get the opportunity to stay in some of the world’s best hotels. With the best hotel prices and deal comparison, now you can also stay in one of the luxurious hotels, and here is a list of hotels that are considered to be the hottest hangout spots for some major celebrities.

Cape Grace, Cape Town, South Africa

Celebrities who are looking for a crash pad in Cape Town have always made a beeline for this specific hotel that has been particularly famous with Americans. Previous guest list at Cape Grace includes Matt Damon, Oprah Winfrey and Bill and Hilary Clinton. The staff of the Cape Grace is well known for their consideration to every single detail which also includes the skill to memorize the name of their guests and even remembering their preferred wines.

In case you are feeling impressed, so did Matt Damon, who once rented one of the two penthouse suites at Cape Grace and he even left his char-grill on the terrace of the roof. You won’t be able to resist yourself from staying in this fabulous hotel for once after knowing that the bar offers 400 different kinds of whiskies from 14 different countries around the world.

Fairmont Chateau Hotel Whistler, Whistler, Canada

To have an idea about the luxury of this Canadian resort, you should know that even the push bikes are branded by BMW. However, it may not come as much of a surprise considering the high-level clientele of Fairmont Chateau Whistler, which includes Cindy Crawford, Hiedi Klum, and Beyonce. These are the top celebrities who are often spotted here. The hotel has a total of 539 rooms, six restaurants, and an 18-hole golf course and even a private elevator for VIPs.

Halekulani, Oahu, Hawaii

Morgan Freeman, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, and Ben Affleck have been the guests at Halekulani in Oahu Hawaii. Particularly Ben Affleck revealed that he has a thing for one of its beachfront restaurant named Orchids. This is an extensive property with 453 rooms, and recently celebrated its 1st century of construction. Halekulani is specifically famous for its magnificent rooms that are decorated with seven different shades of white. The choice has been made intentionally to balance the turquoise shade of the ocean in the background. The hotel also offers some amazing freebies, if you will book a suite, you will get to use a Lotus, Bentley or Maserati as a complimentary gift.

Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris, France

Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp, Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker are the celebrities who have been guests at the Hotel Plaza Athénée. To experience an amazing view, you can book the Eiffel Suite where you can view the beautiful residents of Paris totter by.

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