Wedding insurance

Picture this: You have spent nearly a year planning your big day. A year of excitement, stress, chaos, prying friends and hassled family members.

You and your partner have laughed, squabbled, agreed and finally set a date.

Then, a few days before you’re due to walk down the big aisle and commit your life to your other half – your caterer calls to say that they have had a delivery issue and unfortunately, your Chantilly lace cream profiteroles dessert and peppercorn sirloin steak will no longer be enjoyed on the day.

Nor the champagne, or in fact any of the berries used to make the jus or Eton mess.

In fact, the caterers won’t be able to serve anything at all. One year of planning down the pan and all totally out of your control.

Nobody’s wedding dreams

It would be around this time you would (undoubtedly) be kicking yourself for not getting some form of insurance for something? Can you even get insurance for your wedding?

Well, the answer is yes, and these reasons may help you consider the option when planning your very own big day.

Just like the above champagne incident, wedding insurance covers issues out of your control, such as catering disasters or suppliers going bankrupt – with John Lewis Finance, who offer wedding insurance, forking out £1,699 for champagne that wasn’t delivered.

Within this, you can also ensure that your damaged dress or suit is covered along with any damages to the venue or equipment.

There would be nothing worse than getting to the printing stage of your wedding photos, only to discover the heavy rain on the day has left the images damaged and un-developable.

Comparing wedding insurance online could prevent the risk of any disasters on the big day.

What are the typical wedding insurance claims?

Cancellation costs make up the bulk of insurance claims, whether it be from the venue hosts, caterers or from the main couple on the day, according to Andy Newman, of Debenhams.

Wedding insurance can put your mind at ease from illness on the big day, providing it is a member of the wedding party, or a close family member and it isn’t a pre-existing illness.

Considering illness can pop up at the most awkward of times, insurance can ensure that you are covered if you don’t want to continue with the wedding due to this.

According to The Telegraph, a couple claimed £15,818 when they got to their venue and it was flooded, whilst a lady claimed £116 for cleaning costs towards her dress when a pigeon did you-know-what to it on her big day!

So, what isn’t covered?

Well, wedding insurance won’t cover a change of heart. Wedding insurers will not pay out for either party calling off the big day without reasons such as those mentioned above, but every policy is strict on their emotional-cancelation policy and will not cover someone changing their mind.

Equally, your honeymoon would not be insured through policies, unless directly stated, so ensure you have a look at travel insurance when planning your big day too.

Oh, and if you want to splurge (as you deserve to do!) on that extra expensive dress or ring, then remember you may need to take out separate insurance if the value exceeds the policy limit.

Whether its for peace of mind or strategic planning, wedding insurance covers those issues you may not have thought of or didn’t know could happen!

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