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Slidenjoy…what is it?

The Zcan Wireless means you can scan anywhere, so imagine if you could take extra PC screens everywhere too…

In my previous post I provided a small insight to the Zcan Wireless – a computer mouse that can scan documents with the ability to instantly edit, rather than the traditional scan that comes through only as an image. Although it has a notable price tag, it is a simple device that has the potential to massively increase productivity for professionals and students alike. Despite this, I do also know that the ability to scan is one of the more minor tethers that limits somebody to the office. From conversations I’ve had, it seems that for those that require a PC for their job the more frustrating aspect of working away from the office is the lack of that second monitor. Though work can be completed on a single screen, many IT roles require you to be performing multiple tasks at once, and having to filter through various windows and pages on your screen will no doubt slow down those tasks, decreasing productivity in the meantime. So how can you get around this? Well, despite having a name that could be mistaken for a euphemism, Slidenjoy could be your solution.

Having first read various things about the product during its Kickstater phase a couple of years ago I was already excited then. I was coming towards the end of my time at university and saw a product that could be invaluable to the country’s future students. The only issue I saw at the time was that the price of it during this beta phase was predicted to be the same as buying a second laptop! Time has passed since then however, and the price of it now is much more accessible to the average user than before. Excited to find out how it works?

Slidenjoy is as simple to use as it needs to be as a portable product. The basis of it is that you attach the device to the back of your laptop screen, connect it via USB, and that’s it. It comes with two screens, that ‘slide’ from the attachment on the back of your laptop to the sides of your screen. You can slide out a single screen so that you have a second monitor to either the left or right of your screen, or you can slide out both sides and have a triple display! The two screens can also be rotated so that they could be duplicated for presentation purposes or to share the tv show you’re watching on Netflix (for example), or they can be folded a little further towards you, creating a little corner for your productivity if space is limited. The buying site for the product boasts all the various locations you could make use of Slidenjoy. As for more convenience, my concern when I first looked into this was the addition to weight that it would cause for a user. I have a fairly light laptop, but I know this is not the case nationwide. CNET however states that even the largest of the Slidenjoy range only comes to a weight of half a pound in weight, under 500 grams to the metric reader. I could handle that for the massive convenience of the screens though.

The least expensive of the range comes in at around £330, which doesn’t only seem expensive, it is expensive! But I would personally first search the cost of a static monitor, restricting your use to the plug sockets in work or at home. Take the cost of two screens, or even just one, and Slidenjoy quickly looks much more reasonable as a product. Not only this, there is a deposit scheme and monthly payments, easing financial accessibility of it. If I was to do university all over again, I would certainly consider forking out for this as its potential for use and productivity is second to none, and it is the only product of this type that I could find on the market. Slide on to their site and have a look. And if you get one, you can go to MyMoneyComparison.com on three different monitors!

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