Singapore Airlines is on a winning streak this year, 2018 has been good to the airline so far. The Airline dethroned Qatar Airways and won the “World’s Best Airline” award from Skytrax, popularly known in the aviation industry as the “Aviation Oscars”. Singapore Airlines has a large fleet comprising of 115 passenger aircrafts that include the wide-bodied Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 787, the massive Airbus A380, and smaller planes like the A350, and A330.

Luxury Suites

Airlines today are competing for high-end customers who are looking for a luxurious flight with a full service that matches and in some cases exceeds the services offered at a Five Star Hotel. Singapore Airlines gets a top score from Skytrax because it offers one of the best first-class services.

Private first class Suites offered by Singapore Airlines are one of the best in the industry. Each suite comes with a double bed, full duvet set, large LED screens with plenty of entertainment options, shower, closet, dining table and your very own gourmet chef.

The food offered in the first class and luxury suites is exquisite with plenty of options to choose from, fresh produce, finest quality meats, cheese, champagnes and wines are available for all suite and first-class passengers. Moreover, first class and suite passengers can take up to 50kg of luggage.

Economy Class

Singapore Airlines also has new economy class interior and seats but most of the upgrades were overlooked because of the buzz created by the newly introduced Suites and First Class cabin. Most of the changes were made to the A380-800 fleet. On an A380-800, the economy class seat configuration is 2-4-2. The seats on an A380-800 are 19.5 inches wide that makes them roomier than 18.35-inch width seats on a Boeing 777.

The entertainment system on the economy class has a variety of movies, games, television shows, music, and options to enjoy the views recorded by the various cameras on the plane. The touch screens measure at 11 inches, which is enough to enjoy a movie or games.

The food and service in the economy class are delicious as well, with sufficient portion size. The menu changes and it largely depends on the route you are flying on. Singapore Airline has flawless services across all its classes and economy class is no different. The cabin crew is friendly and attentive towards each passenger.

Premium Economy

In 2016, Singapore Airlines announced the Premium Economy class for long-haul flights. The seats on the premium economy are wider, with more legroom and recline. The baggage allowance is 35KG with priority baggage handling. In terms of food options, premium economy passengers have three choices of the main course, choice of bread and option to pick their preferred meal from the “Book the Cook” service. The premium economy service is available on selected destinations from Singapore; the airline has plans to expand its premium economy class to more destinations worldwide.

Singapore Airline is proving to be a tough rival for Middle Eastern airlines like Qatar, Emirates, and Etihad. If the airline continues to perform well, it has the potential to gain a significant chunk of the airline market. Getting the best deal for your next flight will help you save big! You can always look for the best deals on airlines and find a bargain flight deal to experience the ultimate Singapore Airlines first class on special price.