Moved Recently To a New House – You Must Know Who Your Energy Supplier Is

In case you have recently moved into a new house, you will be required to know who is the supplier of the gas and electricity to your new house. One of the convenient ways to find out is to simply ask the preceding owner or the former tenant or if you have moved in as tenant you can ask your landlord. These details are often also available with the letting or real estate agent who have helped you sign the deal.

In most circumstances, the former owner or the tenants living there before you moved in, may have informed the gas and electricity provider about their imminent move. In such scenarios, the current gas and electricity service provider will most probably send a letter to the new residents of the house which contains all the relevant information.

It Is Important to Note the Meter Readings before You Move In

It has always been recommended to note down the meter readings so you can provide the up-to-date meter reading to your current gas and electricity service provider. You must also ask your energy supplier to provide with the complete details of your current energy plan or tariff so that you can find out if there is a better plan of tariff available that can help you save money if you make a switch.

You may simply contact your gas and electricity service provider to get all the details regarding your current tariff or you can wait until you get your first energy consumption bill, which will have all the required information on the display.

It is also recommended to get the usual energy consumption of the property analysed. This will be going to help you look out for a better deal while comparing different energy plans and tariffs.

You Can Save On Your Energy Expense by Switching

A large number of gas and electricity suppliers usually assign a standard energy plan whenever you move into a new house. These standard variable tariffs are comparatively expensive therefore it is recommended to decide quickly so you can start saving instantly. You must not forget to get a free quote for energy tariffs. This will help you find a better deal for your gas and electricity needs.

Comparing Energy Price While Having a Prepayment Meter

In case you have been using a prepayment meter, it is still possible to compare gas and electricity plans and tariffs and possibly switch to a less expensive prepayment plan. You can also switch to a fixed-rate deal from a prepayment meter to save money. You can easily compare your existing prepayment tariff to other tariff choices through our free and simple energy comparison tool.

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