It has become a common story now that you come back home from vacations and you find a charge from the car hire company on your credit or debit card. While at times this is a fair charge and one may even expect it but in few cases, these car hire charges may totally come as a bill shock you feel determined to fight back against these unjustified charges. If you are also thinking to avail car hire service, you must know about your rights when it comes to handling disputed charges. To compare car hire, click here.

Unexpected Car Hire Charges and You Want To Dispute It

Car hire firms that function in a transparent way necessarily sends in an invoice with complete details of the charges. It may come to you as a surprise but every car rental service does not follow this practice. There are cases where a number of such deceitful businesses simply charges the debit or credit card you used to pay with and left you to wonder about the extra charge on your bank statement.

The extra charges by car hire firms can be against a damage or car hire excess insurance. After you have rented a car, it is recommended to keep a close watch on your bank statement for the next few weeks. In case your car hire service provider has charged an amount which was unexpected for you, you can take the following steps:

Contact the Car Hire Firm

The very first action that you must take is to contact your car hire service provider immediately after discovering the charges. According to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), in case a customer needs to dispute the charge, he/she must raise a formal dispute with the concerned car hire firm. In compliance with the code of conduct defined by BVRLA, car hire firm has to justify any charges against damage by presenting the essential documents to prove the damage which may include pre and post rental car maintenance reports, photographic evidence of the damage and an estimate or quote for the repair.

Preserve the Contracts and Documents Pertinent To Car Hire

It is always recommended to take a photograph of the car at the time of hiring and returning to have a valid proof against any unsolicited claims for damage by the car hire firm. When returning the car, you may ask your car hire firm to check the car and provide you with a documented proof that car has been returned in acceptable condition to avoid any further claims against the damage. It is very important to keep hold of all such signed documents as proof in case your car hire firm claims any charges against damages and you want to dispute them.

It is best to compare car hire services to get the best deal.

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