The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is an upfront certificate that serves as a guide for the potential owners or tenants when they look at a property. It includes an energy efficient rating which reveals the energy efficiency of your property. It may include a rating from A to G. Getting ‘A’ rating means that your property is well-insulated and energy efficient and it is mostly obtained by the modern houses. On the other hand, a ‘G’ rating means it is a cold timeworn building where walls are rattled by the winds. Usually, an old building without any retrofitted equipment for energy saving will be provided with a ‘D’ rating.

It also includes a numeric grading from 1 – 100, where a higher grading indicates that the house is more energy efficient and the energy bills are going to be low. The EPC also gives an idea about the cost to power and heat the property. It also includes the details about possible energy savings which you can make to improve the energy efficiency of your property.

Moreover, the EPC will provide you with a suggestion about the energy efficiency of all aspects of your property. This will serve as a handy guide informing you about the areas you need to focus in order to enhance the energy efficiency of your building.

When Is The EPC Required?

Usually, the EPC is required whenever a property is put up for sale or for rent. A newly constructed home would have the EPC, landlords and sellers would require it to show to potential tenants and buyers. You will not need the EPC if you renting out a single room of a property you already live in. Also, listed buildings are exempted from the rule of EPC because they cannot be upgraded.

What Is The Cost of Obtaining An EPC?

Cost of getting the EPC is not fixed. The actual charges will depend on several aspects such as the type of property you have and the number of rooms in it. The area where your property is situated will also have a considerable effect on the cost. The typical cost of getting the EPC starts from £35, however, for a large property in a posh neighbourhood, it can be a lot more.

Should Tenant or Buyer Needs To Pay For the EPC

A tenant or buyer must never be charged for the EPC and it must be provided without any charges. Otherwise, a fine £200 could be imposed on a landlord or seller. A landlord or seller must get the certificate ordered before they list the property on the market. Owners of the commercial properties are required to get the EPC when selling or leasing.

To further keep your energy costs low, you should compare gas and electricity prices to get the best energy tariff.