Knaus is a leading German company that manufactures a variety of motorhomes in different price range; Knaus Sun TI 700 MEG Platinum is one of their signature models in the Platinum series. If you are looking for a motorhome that is versatile and exceeds your expectations, then investing in Knaus Sun TI 700 MEG Platinum is an excellent choice. Motorhomes are a major investment and you should take steps to make your investment risk free by getting a leading motorhome insurance finder to look for the best deals! Here’s our review of this spectacular motorhome.

Knaus Sun TI 700 MEG Specifications

Berths: 3

Body Type: Low Profile

Chassis Engine Type: Fiat Ducato Multijet 130 (96 kW/130 PS)

Drive: RHD

Estimated Payload: 595 kg

Height: 2.94m 9 ft. 8in.

Layout Type: Two single beds (extra space for adding cushions to make it a large double bed)

Length: 7.47m 24 ft. 6in.

Gross Weight: 3500 kg

Width: 2.34m 7 ft. 8in.

The Best Features!

The Knaus Sun TI 700 MEG is designed to withstand all types of extreme weather conditions thanks to its strong external structure. The winter in Britain is harsh and this is one motorhome that’s perfect for going places even in the harshest of winters because it has floor heating! The floor heating system keeps the interior warm and cosyOne of its most outstanding features is the floor heating system that keeps the interior warm and cosy. Let’s take a look at its most impressive features that makes this motorhome standout and worth the price tag!

  • Innovative double floor
  • Ambient lighting in the cabin
  • Soft close function doors
  • Sophisticated furniture
  • CI-Bus regulation
  • Floor Heating
  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • Anti-lock braking system ABS
  • Power steering
  • Wide track chassis
  • Electronic immobiliser
  • USB port
  • Charger 300 VA with protection against full discharge

The Interior

The interior of the Knaus Sun TI 700 MEG has a lot to offer, we are particularly impressed with the ambient lighting in the kitchenette and dining area that makes cooking and dining fun! The double-floor together with floor heating makes it a perfect choice for all year touring in any season.

Cabin Layout

The swivel cab seats, the oval table, and the single inward seats are not large enough but sufficient for travelling with a friend. The bed layout features two fixed single beds, but you can turn it into a double bed by adding extra cushions.


Like most motorhomes, the kitchen area might feel cramped but you can free up some space by configuration the hob. There is plenty of storage room with the slide-out baskets, overhead locker and shelves. A 145-litre fridge with auto energy selector is located in the corridor. Some might find the location of the grill and the oven slightly awkward as it is placed a little higher than it should.

The Chassis

The Chassis cab made from a high-quality material. The motorhome is one of the best in low frame model powered by the Fiat Ducato, which is considered/regarded as one of the best bases for motorhomes. The roof is further enforced by hail resistant GRP roof, which makes it safe in a hailstorm.

In the end, there are some pros and cons to the Knaus Sun TI 700 MEG Platinum; the pros being a lightweight yet sturdy chassis, floor heating, giant fridge, plenty of storage, fresh water tank, and much more! The small confined kitchen is the only thing we didn’t like about this motorhome. However, we highly recommend the new Knaus Sun TI as it is one of the best-imported motorhomes in the UK.