There is no denying to the fact that we all consume a good amount of energy in our homes for cooking, entertainment, lighting, manufacturing, transportation, cooling and heating our homes, etc. The more energy we use, the more our lives grow dependent on it. We cannot imagine surviving in a world where energy is scarce. We fail to remember that energy sources are limited. That is why it is important to ensure we conserve energy and use it efficiently. If we do not keep a check on the rate at which we are consuming energy, we will soon run out of them. Furthermore, this also affects your finances as you then have to pay hefty amounts on bills as well.

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Importance of Conserving Energy in Today’s World

The speed at which we are consuming energy has become uncontrollable and staggeringly high. We need to understand the importance of conserving energy before it becomes too late.

1.   Environmental Impact

The primary reason behind the need for energy conservation relates to our precious environment. With the amount of fossil fuels that are being burned, the more pollution is emitted into the environment. Our responsibility is to do everything we can to make sure energy is not wasted.

Fuel sources can be coal plants, nuclear power, fossil fuels or alternative energy. Even a simple act of switching the light bulb off when not being used helps in decreasing the consumption of a particular fuel source. Refrigerators, televisions, fans, and numerous other electronic appliances when powered off, conserve a great deal of energy, and help protect the environment.

2.   Scarcity Of Fossil Fuels Will Have A Drastic Impact On Prices Of Commodities

Oil is a non-renewable source of energy. Once it is all used, it will be gone. What we do not seem to realize is the ripple effect that can occur on the prices of commodities when reserves of fossil fuels start to deplete. The rate at which we are utilising the fuel reserves, it won’t be a shocker if we run out of resources anytime soon.

If the supply of oil were lower than the demand, the immediate effect would be inflation. When production of a commodity is lower than the demand, the price automatically shoots up.

3.   Effect On Our Children’s Children

Another aspect we fail to keep in mind when consuming valuable energy resources is to think about our future generations. We want them and their children to live a better and full quality of life. If we use up all the energy reserves, our future generations will have to pay a heavy price for it. Although energy utilisation is now inevitable, we should ensure not to be wasteful and use only when required.