According to the Office of National Statistics an average household around UK may spend around £1,250 every year just on heating and power. This makes energy on of the largest annual spending for the households in UK. When you are on a restricted budget, such high cost of energy bills can actually disturb your finance. However, there are few ways that you can follow to substantially reduce your electricity and gas consumption, which means saving money on energy bills.

Save money on energy bills

Switching supplier is one of the most effective way to reduce the cost of your energy bill. Based on which company is your current supplier, you can save up to £250 by making a switch to a less expensive deal and it can be done with a minimum effort. You can compare energy prices in order to find the most competitive tariff as per your energy consumption. Click here to know more about switching supplier.

While switching your energy supplier is one of the most convenient way to save money on energy expense, you can also make some changes at your end that will help you lower the overall cost of energy usage. If you follow these tips, you can save a substantial amount of money on utility bills

Save electricity

There a few modifications that you can around your house to help you reduce your average energy consumption. This can include the use of more efficient electric appliances, starting from energy-saver lightbulbs to A+++ rated dishwashers. You may also consider switching all your outdated appliances and prevent power wastage by switching off unused electric appliances at the plug.

Save gas

There are a few simple changes you can make to save money on gas usage. This may include modifying your gas appliances to energy efficient models. You can also install a smart thermostat, which will help you to track the consumption. This will help you have a better control over the central heating powered by gas.

Save energy

Here are a few energy saving tips to help you reduce electricity and gas usage at home

Turn off standby appliances

By turning electric device at the plug you can save an average £50 every year. Big families with more number of electric appliances will observe more yearly savings on electricity expense.

You may use plug sockets which you can control through your smartphone. It will help you always be sure that you have switched off any unused electric device. You may also use low cost timer plugs to schedule turn off times for your electric devices around the home.

Install a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat can efficiently reduce the heating expense as it will only warm the rooms which you are using. It can analyse the time it takes to warm up your home, which means it can set the right temperature at the right time. You can also control it by your phone. With room thermostats, programmers and thermostatic valves, you can save up to £150 annually.