Every year motorcyclists are killed in a road accident. In most cases, the offender is an automobile driver. It is imperative that automobile drivers also think of motorbikes and take proactive measures while driving on the road. It is also necessary to have vehicle insurance at the best rates.

How To Drive With Motorcyclists On The Road

1.   Always Keep An Eye On Your Blind Spots

The main cause of accidents involving cars and motorcycles is because car drivers fail to keep a check on their blind spots. Motorcycles are smaller vehicles as compared to other automobiles on the road. They are even more challenging to spot while changing or merging lanes. On top of that, the shape of the rider and the motorcycle blends into the image when you check your side-view and rear-view mirrors. Make sure to take your time right before you merge and give several seconds before you proceed with your intended movement.

2.   Be Extra Careful When Passing

When you pass a motorcycle, you may not realise the fact that the increase in your speed has created a gust of wind, which could cause the motorcyclist to become unsteady and head of the road. To avoid creating such a commotion and scene, make sure you signal your intention of passing the motorcyclist.

3.   Motorcycles Tend To React More Swiftly Than Cars.

It is imperative to keep in mind that you need to maintain ample following distance behind the motorcycles. Rear-end collisions are one of the reasons why many motorcycles are involved in accidents. In fact, some motorcyclists end up losing their lives when a heavy, large vehicle collides with their bike.

4.   Weather Is Also To Be Blamed For

Bad weather has a more extreme effect on motorcyclists than automobile drivers. Rain and in particular, the winter weather, makes it difficult for motorcyclists to travel on the road. Windy conditions make it even more difficult to control the motorbike on the road. Such weather conditions often hinder your own visibility, thus making it more difficult to spot the motorcycles. It is the responsibility of every automobile driver to keep a watchful eye in these types of weather.

5.   Try To Drive In Your Lane

Motorbike riders are entitled to drive in their own lane. Automobiles should not be driving in that same lane or in close proximity to the motorcyclist. Sharing a single carriageway with a motorcyclist will only result in a terrible accident.

6.   Inform Motorcyclists You Intent To Make A Turn

When you see a motorbike driving behind you, signal your turn earlier than you normally do. Not only is it considered courteous, but it will also help reduce the number of accidents involving motorcycles.

7.   When Making Left-Turns, Take A Second Glance

Before you make a crossing at a lane of traffic to make a left turn, make sure to look for any approaching motorcycles. Most vehicle accidents involve the crash of a left-turning automobile and an oncoming motorbike. T-bone accidents can be quite severe, and it often is the biker who is brutally injured. So give another second just to make sure no motorbikes are approaching when you make your left turn.