If you are sick and tired of the hassles and burden of air travel, try to take a ferry on your next trip to mainland Europe from the UK. Air travel can be a quick way to get from one destination to another but it limits your options when it comes to travelling with pets and lots of luggage; taking a ferry from the UK to many European countries is a good option. Find the best ferry deals for your upcoming holiday right here!

Cross the English Channel by a Classic Ferry

The ferry is a classic and fun way to cross the English Channel if you are looking to travel to mainland Europe on a budget. The ferry rides are usually long, be ready for anything from seven to 15 hours. The ferry is an excellent alternative instead of driving through the night over the motorways, why not take the comforting alternative to sleep your way through a delightful ferry ride. Instead of driving over 5 hours from Reims France, compare it with a 2-hour relaxing ferry ride from Calais.

Extensive Routes from British Island to Mainland Europe

Ferries from the UK offers extensive routes from various British Islands to mainland Europe, including the Southern part of the continent and Scandinavian countries. If you are travelling by a ferry from Ireland or the South of England then you can take a ferry directly to the country of your choice, but choose a coastal city to save time.

The Dover to Calais Route

P&O offers extensive ferry trips from Dover UK to Calais France, the lowest standard rate can cost you anywhere from £86. The fee includes a car, luggage and up to nine passengers, given the price and the crossing time of 90 minutes makes it one of the best ferry routes.

Another option for the same route is to take the DFDS Seaways Ferry. This ferry can cost you about £78 that include your car with a maximum of nine passengers. The DFDS takes about 90 minutes to cross.

Portsmouth to Caen by Brittany Ferries

If you are looking for the longer routes crossings then the best option is to choose a route by Brittany Ferry service. One of the best routes is to choose the Portsmouth to Caen. If you want a classic ferry ride with a comfortable, free Wi-Fi and an affordable overnight cabin then Brittany ferry is the best choice! You have to pay £170 for a car and two passengers. Get an overnight cabin for an additional £43. The trip can take about 5 hours and 30 minutes to complete.

Portsmouth to Le Harve by Brittany Ferry

Brittany ferry service offers another long route crossing with an option to choose an overnight cabin. The price for a car with two passengers is about £170. For an additional £43, you can choose the overnight cabin for some relaxation during your trip. The ferry can take about 5 hours and 30 minutes to complete its journey.