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When your looking at booking a ferry, friends or family often ask, why do you choose to take a ferry when you can fly or take the Eurostar? If your a regular holiday traveler by Ferry the advantages will be obvious but if your not then lets look at the benefits.


Ferry travel can be very cost effective especially if you are a family.  The cost obviously depends upon where you are going and the time of the year but ferry travel often works out cheaper than flying.

Your own Car

If you are one of millions of travelers  who are simply not happy to holiday in one destination and the reliance of organised trips, then you would want to take your own car on a ferry to give you the flexibility of visiting the various places you have planned on your vacation at your own leisure .

Savings on Car Hire

If you take your own car on the ferry you will save on car hire costs.  How many of you have traveled to an overseas destination by plane and pre-booked a car hire at your destination airport only to be worried if your hire car will fit all your luggage in?


How often have you been worried when checking into an airport if your luggage is over the airlines allowance limit? With a ferry you can pack your car to the rafters without being charged any extra.  You also eliminate the risk of an airline losing your baggage.

Even if your not taking your car the ferry can offer benefits.  Your luggage wont be weighed as long as you can carry it with you.  If you are travelling on an overnight ferry then you will arrive refreshed in your destination after a good nights sleep.

Relaxing way to Travel

Travelling by ferry is relaxing, as your not just confined to your seat during the journey but can explore the ship, relax and eat at one of the restaurants on the ship.  The Eurostar is a good alternative but you are stuck underground for most of the journey and dont have the same views as a Ferry which adds to the excitement for the start of your holiday.

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