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There are several other payment options, we have listed them below:

  • Cash/Cheque
    Also known as Standard Credit, this is where you receive your estimated or actual quarterly bill by post and pay it in the normal way, either by cheque through the post or by cash through your post office. This payment method also includes the option of paying by postal order.
  • Credit/Charge Card
    There are two main ways to pay for your energy with your credit or charge card.

    • Calling your supplier or visiting their website, following receipt of your bill and charging it to your card:
    • Or, having the bill automatically paid with your card under a Continuous Authorised Transaction (CAT).

    With CAT schemes, your actual or projected annual energy bill is divided into periodically equal instalments (monthly or quarterly) and automatically billed to your card. The details of which schemes and cards apply to different tariffs are summarised on the tariff results pages.

  • Charge Card
    Charge card payments are administered in the same way as credit card payment schemes. The main difference is that you must clear your charge card account by the due-date; therefore your interest free period is shorter. However, if you pay your energy bill using your charge card, you will benefit from any loyalty schemes offered by the charge card company.
  • Online Banking
    This option allows you to pay your bills either by calling you bank, or online.
  • Prepayment Meter
    Prepayment schemes are ones where you pay up-front for the energy that you use by inserting coins, keys or cards into your meter.
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