What kind of tariffs are there for Gas and Electricity?

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There are several different types of tariff:

  • Price Freeze Tariffs
    These are tariffs that come with a price guarantee, usually of a year or more, depending on the offer. PriceFreeze tariffs (also called “Capped” tariffs) usually come with limited availability, and are withdrawn from sign up once an energy supplier has hit a certain quote (so don’t miss your chance if you see a good offer!).

    Price Freeze tariffs make sense during times when energy prices are climbing, and for customers who prefer predictable prices over cheaper (but often more volatile) discount tariff offers.

  • Environmental/Green Tariffs
    These tariffs let you do your bit for the environment.
  • Internet Only Tariffs
    These tariffs are available only over the Internet. You will typically be able to handle your whole account with the supplier online.
  • No Standing Charges
    Most energy bills have two components: a standing charge which you pay irrespective of the amount of energy you use, and price for each unit of kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy that you consume. With No Standing Charge tariffs, you only pay for the energy that you use. Many suppliers now offer both options.

    • No Standing Charge tariffs usually have split unit rates where the price of each unit of energy consumed varies with your annual usage. In these cases, the Standing Charge is usually recovered through the higher priced units you consume first.
    • To check whether No Standing Charge tariffs are your best option, please feel free to search and compare these tariffs with other products listed in our database.

The prices shown on our service always include all costs.

Reward Schemes
Many suppliers are now offering an attractive range of additional benefits above and beyond just savings on your energy bills. If you are a collector of reward points, such as AIRMILES, holiday rewards or retail rewards, then this option is for you.

August 27th, 2017|