Travel Insurance

It has been a beautiful summer in England with sunny days, scorching hot temperatures and plenty of sporting entertainment to accompany the brilliant weather.

But as the summer nears a close and we approach the autumnal months, many of us are not letting our holidays end just due to a few sprinkles of rain here and there.

On the contrary, a number of people choose to holiday in September and early October, avoiding the child crammed beaches of Spain and opting instead for a cheaper and quieter stroll down the cobble stoned towns of Italy.

Whilst the luxury of cheaper flights and hotels may not extend to those confined to going away during the school holidays, it’s so important that you get travel insurance regardless of the month or destination.

What does good travel insurance include?

Good travel insurance should cover a range of issues, including the likes of cancellation and delays beyond your control, lost or stolen baggage, emergency medical treatment and being forced to return to your origin country.

We have all heard or read horror stories of people getting ill in the likes of the United States, not being covered with any travel insurance and then returning to a hefty bill.

As there are hundreds of different insurance providers, it is important to carefully review what each policy provides and any small print that you may need to know!

Once you know what you want your cover to include, compare travel insurance online and find the cheapest deal for your travels.

Don’t be caught out by them little letters, so make sure to start thinking whilst you plan your holiday, not dashing to the laptop screen the day before you leave.

So what should be considered?

Ok, what do you need to think about when getting travel insurance?

Firstly, consider whether you are going to need any extra insurance.

  • For example, travelling to high risk destinations will result in higher prices, with some companies not providing any insurance for some destinations, so be certain to check.
  • Extreme sports getaways will often need extra insurance too, so if activities like white water rafting down hundred-foot waterfalls are for you, check specialist policies to see what extras they can offer.
  • As with most policies, age carries a higher cost, with most policies rising from the age of 65 and often cutting off at the age of 75.This said, there are plenty of providers who have age-specific policies, so have a browse and search for insurers who cater for elderly ages.
  • Some insurers have policies that cover those 85 and above, so there is a range of choice for everyone.
  • Regardless of your age, make sure that you let your insurer know about any pre-existing medical conditions before you go away, as it could affect you claiming any money back if you get ill whilst you’re away and it was a pre-existing condition.

Remember – if you are travelling against the advice of your Doctor, your policy may become invalid, so be open and honest, it’s to protect you!


Whether you are a first time travelling novice or a globe-trotting nomad, there is a policy for you.

Some policies cover specific countries, others cover a range of places. You can buy annual travel insurance, or even one day insurance, so there is no excuse.

Plan, browse, compare and think – then you can spend the rest of your holiday build up with nothing but sheer excitement, and savings of course!

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