Emirates Flight Review: London Heathrow to Dubai DXB on Airbus A380-800

Emirates a Dubai based international airline is one of the largest airlines in the world. The airline has a massive fleet size comprising 256 aircrafts, which includes 105 A380-800 superjumbo aircraft. Emirates operates the world’s largest fleet of A380s and expects to add more of these giant planes in the coming years. In this review, we will take an inside look at an Emirates A380 flight from London Heathrow to Dubai DXB. Click here to find cheap flights from London to Dubai and many other destinations around the world on any airline.

Economy Class

The A380 is a super jumbo and it is bigger than any passenger aircraft in the world, the technological marvel A380’s economy class on the flight had 407 seats, with individual screens, power sockets, USB port, and a power supply socket with a 3-4-3 configuration. The seats on the economy class are wider with more legroom. One of the best features is onboard Wi-Fi available for a small additional cost, you don’t get much bandwidth but it’s enough to check your emails, social media or browse the internet.

Business Class

The Business Class on all Emirates A380 flights is located on the upper deck with the First Class cabin. The Business Class has 76 seats that can be converted into fully flat beds at the touch of a button. The seats are wide with plenty of legroom. You get a separate storage and big working space. Business Class passengers have access to the Emirates Sky Bar. If you want to get some rest on your flight, the flight crew will make your bed for you.

First Class

The London to Dubai flight takes about 8 hours, which means there’s plenty of time to enjoy your flight in the lap of luxury with traditional Arab hospitality. The First Class cabin has 14 individual suites with a spa and a hot water shower! First class passengers get a Minibar, larger screen, comfortable bed and plenty of storage space for personal items.

Entertainment, Food and Service on Emirates

Emirates offers entertainment on all flights and across all classes. The ICE entertainment system is one of the best in the industry. The ICE is easy to navigate and search for your favourite movies, music, television shows and games. The touch screen is as good as an IPad.

Emirates has its own catering service, which means quality meals are served on each flight. On the London to Dubai flight, a breakfast and dinner meal is served in economy whereas business and first-class passengers get more courses and snacks. The meal in the economy class is delicious and filling, you can choose your favourite main course from three choices. We ordered a smoked salmon with greens beans and a potato salad served with a side of bread. Dessert had an average tasting crème brûlée.

Service on Emirates A380 is a challenge for the staff as it holds more people than an average aircraft and the lapses in service are more visible in the economy class. The flight attendants, however, are always helpful and the service which we received was good as well, despite a few mishaps with our food order and tea.

The flight on Emirates was good with excellent food and the seats were much better than those on a 777 or any other aircraft. You can find the best deals on air travel from Emirates and many other airlines, if you are lucky you can find an Emirates first class seat on your next trip at a discount.