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With the Travelex.co.uk Price Promise, customers can get great online foreign currency prices. We compare our rates on a daily basis to ensure we are continually offering competitive prices on travel money in the UK. We operate at major airports, seaports and retail stores throughout the country and customers benefit from a commission free service when they pre-order online. All they have to do is select a location and pick up their currency before they depart!

What is the customer proposition?

1. 0% commission on foreign currency

2. The Travelex.co.uk Price Promise – if you find a cheaper overall price, we’ll refund the difference*

3. Free home delivery when ordering more than £500*

*Terms apply (can be found on the Travelex website)

Currency Exchange

If you are off on your holiday or a business trip then its more than likely that you will want to purchase local currency to help your trip go as smoothly as possible when you land at your destination. Travelex our currency exchange partner is one of the Worlds biggest currency exchange companies and offers currency exchange at one of the lowest competitive prices which includes a price promise (terms and conditions apply).

With a choice of over 45 currencies and a range of Cash Passports™, Travelex will make it easy for you to get your holiday money. Have it delivered straight to your door next day or pick it up at any of their UK stores at major airports, ports, and retail locations.

Simply click the ‘Compare Currency Exchange’ button to find the best rates on your foreign currency!

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