Compare Car Hire

There’s lots of choice when renting a car, from luxury, 4×4, compact or sports cars.  So why do people rent cars? We explore the reasons and benefits or hiring a car.

Freedom to explore – Car hire is popular for tourists.  Not everyone likes being stuck on a holiday excursion with fixed timetables and itinerary. Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore the local area off the main tourist route such as tiny villages, places of historical interest or scenic viewpoints.

Convenience –  Car hire is perfect if you have bulky luggage.

Temporary Transport – If you own a car that is off the road for mechanical reasons, then hiring a car can be a temporary solution until your own car is back on the road.  With a wide range of deals and choices, hiring a car as a stop gap isnt as expensive as you think.

Something different – Some people like to hire a car that is different to their own.  You may want to experience a 4×4 if you drive a normal saloon, or would like to hire a city car for the day if your driving to a congestion charge zone to keep congestion costs down especially if you normally drive a gas guzzler.

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