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Searching For The Best Taxi Insurance Quotes?

Do you run a taxi firm and want to easily compare insurance quotes? Have you been struggling to find the right policy?

It’s a legal requirement to have the correct insurance, whether working as a private taxi driver or running this type of company. So, how do you find the best insurance for your taxi firm?

As with all types of insurance, it’s not necessarily best to go for the cheapest policy: for example, you might end up paying more for windscreen and glass cover if you don’t have the right type of policy.

There are two types of taxi insurance: private hire insurance and public rental taxi insurance. So, what’s the difference between the two?

  • Private hire insurance means customers to book appointments beforehand or that the taxis are at designated taxi ranks. In short, they can’t just be hailed in the street.
  • Public rental taxi insurance can pick up passengers no matter where they are.

There are so many companies offering this type of insurance, it’s much easier to use a comparison service to find the right quote rather than trawling the internet.

You’ll also find yourself with many packages to choose from, including third-party insurance; third party, fire and theft insurance; and comprehensive insurance. There is also public liability insurance which is ideal in the event of injuries or accidents.

Find flexible policies that suit your taxi firm’s requirements.

Insuring your taxi or fleet doesn’t have to be stressful when you use My Money Comparison. We not only enable you to easily compare the best insurance policies but can offer tips on extras and ways to lower the cost of your policies.

As might be expected, installing security cameras is one of the best ways to slash the price of this type of insurance. If you do have any unwanted incidents, you’ll always have the video footage.

Whatever type of taxi service you run, we can help you find the best policies tailored to your needs. We can save you time so you can focus on your business instead.

My Money Comparison enables you to compare all types of commercial vehicle insurance, including vans, trucks, classic cars and much more.

Taxi insurers we work with include Oversure, Patons TaxiCover, Policy Wise, The Insurance Factory, One Answer Insurance, and Milestone Insurance.

For more information, simply start a new quote today. All you need to do is enter your details and we can help.

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