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Need To Compare Truck Insurance Quotes?

Do you use a fleet of trucks or HGV for your business? Even if your vehicles are off the road, unfortunately they will still require insurance.

There are two main types of insurance for trucks: comprehensive and third party, fire and theft (TPFT). TPFT provides cover if another vehicle is damaged or written off; if property is damaged; if a person other than the driver is injured; and fire damage and theft of the truck.

Meanwhile, comprehensive insurance also covers damage to your own vehicle, and to the driver (you). Depending on the policy, you can also enjoy extras like towing costs and changing or replacing keys.

My Money Comparison make it easy to compare insurance quotes for commercial vehicles, including trucks and vans. We can help you save time when searching for this type of policy so you can focus on your business instead.

We understand that those who work with HGV are often highly busy and don’t have time to go trawling the internet for quotes. Not only can we help you find the cheapest quote but can offer tips on ways to lower your insurance. For example, using the appropriate security devices, employing experienced drivers and building up a no claims bonus can all make a big difference.

As with car insurance, the less risky the driver, the lower the price of your policy. Furthermore, if you have a fleet of vehicles, it’s more economical to have them all covered at once, rather than insuring individual trucks.

How does truck insurance differ from policies for cars?

When applying for truck insurance, you should expect questions about the nature of your business, the size of your fleet and the numbers of drivers. Some insurance brokers require you to have a minimum numbers of vehicles in order to get a quote.

You will also need to consider whether you use your vehicles abroad, if you need hazardous goods cover or public liability protection.

We enable you to compare many leading brands including Quote Four, Business Insurance Line, One Call Insurance, Business Choice Direct, and many more.

My Money Comparison also enable you to compare quotes for all kinds of commercial vehicle insurance, including limousines, coaches, buses, minibuses and taxis. We also make it easy to compare policies for private car and motorcycle insurance.

If you need to compare truck insurance quotes, discover more about My Money Comparison today.

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