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Need Insurance For A Motorised Horsebox or Horse Trailer?

Keeping a horse isn’t cheap. From the initial riding lessons to equestrian equipment, clothing and the costs of stables, it can all mount up.

Among all of this is insurance, both for your horse and vehicles needed to transport them to events, such as horse trailers.

However, insurance is important if you want your animal to have medical cover in case of accidents or injuries. When it comes to insuring your horse, there are several types of insurance, including those for surgery, veterinary treatments and full mortality insurance. You can often tailor a policy to meet your specific needs.

Veterinary bills can be extortionate and nobody wants to make the heart-breaking decision to let their horses go because they can’t afford the treatment.

You can also choose from limited liability insurance and personal liability insurance. These types of policies are useful if your horse hurts somebody or damages property. Obviously, as large and powerful animals, horses can be dangerous. Every year horse riding causes several deaths and long-term injuries, such as spinal cord damage.

My Money Comparison enables you to easily compare quotes on horsebox insurance. We also enable horse owners to find the insurance needed for their pet.

When it comes to finding insurance for your motorised horsebox or horse trailers, it’s important to consider several factors, including the weight of the trailer, what it’s used for, and whether the trailer is less heavy than the vehicles leading it (this must be the case). If you’re an experienced horse owner, the likelihood you already know the importance of this type of insurance.

You will also need to consider whether your horsebox will be used aboard, as this will obviously affect your insurance. Although some policies have this as standard, it’s important to check the documents beforehand.

As with insurance policies for horses, there are several types of insurance for trailers, including:

  • Third-party only (TPO). This is required by law and is the minimum required for your trailer. It will cover any damage caused to third parties.
  • Comprehensive insurance which has all the benefits of TPO but also covers loss or damage to your horsebox, personal effects and more.
  • Motorised Horsebox Insurance.

As with all types of vehicle insurance, keeping a trailer in a safe place will reduce the price of your premium.

If you need to compare horse trailer insurance, why not explore My Money Comparison today?

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