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Party of 7 or more people? Group bookings have to be requested with the lounge. Please do not make separate bookings or the lounge will refuse entry.

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Food & Drink Included


Up to 3 hours

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Theres nothing better than starting your holiday in the luxury surroundings of an Airport lounge. Airport lounges offer you a secluded getaway from the crowds and chaos of the busy airport terminals. Relax in comfortable chairs with great facilities such as showers to complimentary food and drink. Some lounges also offer additional facilities such as spa facilities and massages but usually at an additional cost. Always compare lounges as facilities differ depending upon the airport and lounge.

If your on a business trip, airport lounges are great places to be productive and catch up on emails or have that important telephone call before you fly.
Flight monitors are placed inside the lounges so that you don’t need to leave the lounge to check up on your flight.
Let Mymoneycomparison.com and our partners help you start your holiday or business trip in luxury by helping you find the right Airport lounge just for you!

Benefits Of An Airport Lounge

Arriving at the airport with plenty of time before departure is sensible but often leaves you with a lot of time to kill before you fly. With an airport Lounge you can put your feet up, away from the busy departure areas, and enjoy a bit of peace. Lounge passes include a selection of free drinks, snacks and reading material and most Lounges will have a TV, Wi-Fi and entertainment area. From only £15 per adult, a dash of VIP airport Lounge treatment offers great value for your money.

It offers a secluded getaway from the crowded terminal

You can relax in a comfy lounge armchair for up to 3 hours before your flight

Some lounges have business facilities including wireless broadband so you can make use of your waiting time

Enjoy a selection of complimentary drinks and snacks

Unwind with complimentary magazines and newspapers

Most lounges accept children and some even have gaming consoles to occupy them

By the time you’ve bought food, drinks and newspapers and magazines in the terminal, it could well add up to the amount you pay per person to enter a lounge

Kick back and watch the TV or enjoy other entertainment facilities

Search Airport Lounges

Average Costs


Airport Adult Price Open Times
Gatwick £17.99 4am-10pm
Heathrow  £26.99 4:30am-11pm
Manchester £24.99 4am-9pm
Stansted £25 4am-9pm
Luton £26.49 4:30am-9pm
Birmingham £24.99 4:30am-9pm


Prices are correct at the time of writing but may differ for the dates you require. Prices do not always correspond to the Lounge with the opening times listed here. Please enter your dates and search for live prices and check opening times of each airport Lounge.

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