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More and more people often stay in an airport hotel due to the convenience of the hotel location to the airport especially if you have an early morning flight. Here are some of the benefits of staying in an Airport Hotel:

Proximity to the airport

If you have an early morning flight, a connecting flight or a delayed flight then you may want to book an airport hotel. The proximity of the hotel to the airport is a big factor for most people especially if the distance to the city center takes more than 30 minutes. Most airport hotels offer free transfers to the airport or if they are located close to the airport you may prefer to walk the short distance depending on the amount of luggage you have.


Aiport hotels are often supplied with all the necessary facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. You can enjoy en-suite bathrooms with bathrobes and toiletries often provided free of charge. In-room facilities usually include satellite television, air conditioning, and internet. In addition to the in-room facilities, some hotels offer spa, fitness, restaurant and bar facilities.

Car Parking

Most airport hotels offer a package on car parking whilst you are away. These packages range from parking at the hotel to discounts at airport car parks.